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Principal's Message

Creating a Climate for Learning

Hillcrest School is a place where everyone is someone special. Our school is organized and designed to facilitate and enable "teachers to teach and students to learn." The efforts of the staff to create a climate for learning at Hillcrest are reflected in the accomplishments and achievements of our students.

Our educational goal is to make learning so exciting that students will experience the joy of discovering new ideas and building new skills, thereby developing a love of learning that will create "lifelong learners." Student work and projects are proudly displayed throughout the school and students who complete their work on time are reinforced and praised by teachers.

Positive attitudes toward school and staff and long term changes in behavior are the staff's behavioral goals for each student. The staff focuses on positive, effective approaches in building self esteem by teaching children respect for themselves and others. Students are provided many opportunities to develop and demonstrate self discipline and responsibility.

Respect and responsibility are strong components of our school discipline program and they are evident throughout the school. Hillcrest students can articulate school-wide rules which are consistently and equitably enforced. Our students participate in Mediation Skills strategies. Our Mediation Skills program ensures a safe and orderly school environment as well as reinforcing positive character development.

Homework is an integral part of school and helps students develop responsibility and good study habits by successfully completeing homework assignments. Emphasis is on the quaility of the experience rather than the quantity of work. Homework is a link between school and home, and Hillcrest parent support for homework is an important factor towards building positive attitudes and good study habits.
Hillcrest School's learning environment is a school strength. Classrooms and school programs reflect the school's strong emphasis on learning. The school community's total support for quality education at Hillcrest is impressive.