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If you give a husky a moon cake....

If you give a husky a Moon Cake....

We are excited for our Hillcrest Huskies as they continue toexpand their experiences, knowledge and language abilities in ourDual Language program!

Our Hillcrest Dual Language Kindergarteners were treated to adelicious, hands-on activity to celebrate the Lunar Festival inSeptember! Also, referred to as Mooncake Festival, it is a time-honored celebration of good harvest and the moon.

The students were provided the dough and filling so they couldmake their own Ice Skin Moon Cakes in class while they learnedabout the Chinese tradition of gifting family and friends with mooncakes which can be either sweet or savory.

Our Kindergartners are not only taught a rigorous curriculum thatincludes Math, English and Mandarin, but also learn to appreciatethe beauty and the meaning of Chinese traditions and customs.

With just a few simple ingredients, you too can make your owndelicious treat and join in our celebration:
Ice Skin Moon cake ingredients (冰皮月饼原料):
糯米粉 Glutinous rice flour, 粘米粉 Sticky rice flour, 澄面 Wheatstarch, 玉米油 Corn oil,炼奶 Condensed milk, 奶粉 milkpowder, 鸡蛋 egg, 糖粉 Powdered sugar, 无盐牛油 Unsaltedbutter, 糖 sugar, 牛奶 milk

If you give a husky a moon cake....we are going to eat it...and howlwith delight!